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An archaeological refutation of the academic critics, who deny Israel’s historic connection between the Jewish people and their ancient homeland


Hidden under thousands of years of dust and debris lies a treasure trove of relics containing the biblical secrets of our nation and the claim to our homeland. In recent years, archaeological discoveries in the ancient city of Jerusalem and throughout the Land of Israel have uncovered key findings that present a powerful and convincing case for the biblical story and for the Jewish claim to Israel--even for those who have a hard time believing. Journey back in time to discover your Israelite roots in the land of our ancestors with this transformative audio-visual presentation.


Where Heaven Meets Earth


Although the Temple mount has been destroyed by the Romans close to 2000 years ago, clues have remained hidden over the centuries and concealed in the rubble of time. In recent years archaeologists have revealed these clues, some of which have been exposed for first time in centuries. It is now possible to reconstruct the glorious edifice that once stood upon the mount, corroborated by ancient Jewish texts and history books.


Learn secrets of the Western Wall, and uncover the mystery of how the huge stones were lifted. Experience a thrilling virtual tour as a visiting pilgrim.

A Journey To The Place Where It All Began

Journey to the heart of ancient Jerusalem, the city of kings and prophets. Learn how King David captured Jerusalem, marvel at the ancient water system and be amazed as biblical names come to life amid archaeological finds. Join a mysterious, magical journey and explore the original site where it all began over 3000 years ago.

The Temple Mount Salvage Operation

In recent years, the belief that no Jewish Temple ever existed in Jerusalem has developed and become internalized within Palestinian academic, religious, and political circles. Since Camp David, Temple Denial has transformed into a virulent delegitimization campaign that attempts to deny both Jewish authority and access to the Temple Mount and Western Wall in Jerusalem.


Learn about the fascinating saga of the Temple Mount archaeological destruction and the subsequent salvage operation. Follow the drama as one hero salvages one of the most disastrous chapters of Israeli archaeology.

A Mysterious Journey to Subterranean Jerusalem

Journey back to King Hezekiah's Jerusalem and see the evidence of how he prepared Jerusalem in anticipation of the impending Assyrian invasion. Explore the underground mysteries of the famous Hezekiah’s Tunnel, an extraordinary accomplishment which ranks as one of the engineering marvels of the ancient world.

Second Temple Era Road and Drainage Channel Exposed, Yielding Dramatic New Finds

A fascinating subterranean tour in the City of David, that brings us back to the Second Temple period, where as a result of new discoveries, one can walk in the footsteps of the Jewish pilgrims.


Be amazed as we explore the ancient Pilgrimage Road and the Herodian Channel beneath it that reveals the link between the City of David and the Temple Mount. Along the way we will highlight dramatic new finds within the channel - such as the Golden Bell and Temple token - that are reshaping our understanding of the city’s ancient history. The journey will reach its climax as we behold the impressive foundation stones of the Western Wall at the foot of the Temple Mount, and concludes on the second Temple era main street of Jerusalem, where the Jewish pilgrims walked two thousand years ago.

New Evidence Alters Notions of Biblical David

Recent archaeological findings in Israel’s Elah Valley are yielding scientific evidence of the Kingdom of David, and giving credence to the story of David and Goliath that took place in this valley. Among the major finds is the oldest Hebrew text ever found - 1000 years older than the Dead Sea Scrolls.

New Finds Shed Light on the Bible’s Most Famous King and his Legendary Riches

Countless treasure-seekers have set off in search of King Solomon's mines, inspired by the Bible's account of splendid temples and palaces adorned in glittering gold and copper. The Bible tells us Solomon was not only the wisest, but the richest of all kings, but where did his wealth come from? King Solomon's mines were never mentioned in the Bible, but over the centuries became the stuff of legend.


New finds are reshaping our image of the ancient world, giving credence to some of the Bible's historical accounts, but also casting an entirely new light on Solomon's era.

New Evidence of King Solomon’s Royal Quarter in Jerusalem

Learn about the discovery of a wall and gate complex that was likely part of ancient Jerusalem’s fortifications built by King Solomon and the gateway to his royal quarter. The massive structures from the first Temple period sheds much light on the importance and strength of Jerusalem at the time of King Solomon. Also discovered - the earliest evidence of writing ever found in Jerusalem.


We’ll also explore what used to be the Givati parking lot near the City of David, and is now the largest archaeological dig site in Jerusalem. The sensational finds at this site are reshaping the map of ancient Jerusalem.

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