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"The presentation was clear, focused, and extremely engaging. You have a warm and inviting speaking style, and are obviously very well versed in this subject matter. The presentation had tremendous depth and breadth, and was accessible to Jews (and interested non-Jews) from all aspects of the Jewish community. I was particularly impressed with the way you handled questions and comments. Like every community, we can have some challenging participants, and you responded professionally and succinctly."

Joy Getnick
Jewish Program Director

JCC Rochester, NY

"The 'Jerusalem Uncovered' presentation by Rabbi Stolik was attended by a large near-capacity audience. It was most informative, captivating, and very much enjoyed, so much so that, by request of the attendees, Rabbi Stolik extended his presentation by almost an additional hour."

Jeffrey Weiss
Executive Board, Young Israel of Greater Miami


"Many members of the community have requested that we have you return as you have been one of the most popular speakers. We would be honored if you would consider teaching the Israel Uncovered series for the 2012-2013 season."

Amy Szoke
Palm Beach Synagogue


“Rabbi Avraham Stolik is an engaging and dynamic teacher. He has taught a series on Archeology and Torah at Palm Beach Synagogue for a number of years and it was always received with great success. With his broad breath of knowledge and vivid PowerPoint presentations, Rabbi Stolik brings ancient history alive. We are looking forward to our fourth series with Rabbi Stolik this year and the anticipation in the community is already growing.”

Rabbi Moshe Scheiner
Palm Beach Synagogue


“This was a unique lecture using archaeology to prove the existence of the Jewish people in Yerushalayim for thousands of years. The lecture is well structured, accompanied by a PowerPoint and videos, presented very well. If you're looking for a new angle to bring people in, this is it.”

Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein
Jewish Learning Academy, Newton, PA


"Rabbi Stolik presents well, with gentle humor and keeps the crowd engaged. His knowledge of history and the intricacies of the architecture and construction of the Bais Hamikdash is astounding and very impressive."

Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman
Intown Jewish Academy, Atlanta, GA


“His Lecture by us in Rochester was unbelievable! He comes across as being a real scholar in the field and it was a big kiddush hashem how an academic field actually uses Torah to find new developments. Fascinating stuff. We didn't work too hard to bring a crowd and around 150 people came on their own - which is a very good-sized crowd for us. You might want to consider bringing him with your JCC - this is right up their alley and will bring even more people.”
Rabbi Yitzi Hein
Chabad of Rochester, NY


"It was a very successful program: firstly, people are genuinely interested in this subject matter so I didn't have to pull teeth to get them there. Secondly, Avraham does a superb job presenting the material. He's obviously well versed in it and it flows off his tongue. I'd take him again in the future for another such seminar."
Rabbi Shalom Paltiel
Chabad of Port Washington, NY


“People were glued from start to finish. Superb, well-structured presentation, great topic, very knowledgeable. Excellent pedagogical skills. Great addition to your Chabad house calendar of events. Strongly suggest you book him.”
Rabbi Benny Rapoport

Chabad of Clarks Summit, PA

"Rabbi Stolik’s presentation was a smashing success in our community. A large turnout attended at Herzog Wine Cellars, attracted by the intriguing subject. They sat spellbound for over an hour as Rabbi Stolik did a professional and attention-grabbing presentation using his talent as an orator and his vast knowledge on the subject matter. The lecture was accompanied by a power point presentation that kept the crowd engaged and spellbound. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a nice community event that’s both educational and fascinating."
Rabbi Dov Muchnik
Chabad of Oxnard, CA


"We recently had Rabbi Avrohom Stolik give the presentation at our Chabad Center about recent archaeological discoveries in Jerusalem proving our Jewish claims to the ancient city. His lecture is just fascinating and he had the crowd enthralled. People in the community can't stop talking about the amazing archaeological discoveries Rabbi Stolik shared at the lecture."

Rabbi Zalman Gordon
Chabad of Redondo Beach, CA


"His presentation was magnificent. His humor, knowledge and presentation was beyond my expectations. My crowd was spellbound and they now have a better appreciation of Jerusalem. He is a powerful tool in teaching everyone about secrets of the Holy Land."

Rabbi Chaim Mentz
Chabad of Bel Air, CA


"The crowd thoroughly enjoyed your talk, were fascinated by the information you shared both verbally and on the slides and you've inspired great interest in our homeland Israel, the fruits of which we will enjoy for a very long time. The importance of your talk is invaluable and I hope more and more communities recognize the need for your expertise. Keep the message alive."

Rabbi Chaim Bruk
Chabad Lubavitch of Montana


"We had Rabbi Stolik for a Shabbaton at our shul and it was wonderful! It was a pleasure working with him and the community really enjoyed the presentation. The presentation as well as the Q&A was warm, informative and shared fundamental Jewish history in a fascinating way."
Mrs. Itty Shemtov
Co-Director, The Shul - Chabad of West Bloomfield, MI


“We just had the first of a series of lectures by Rabbi Stolik....He was amazing! The people were spellbound by his delivery, and his knowledge of a topic that is interesting to a wide variety of Jews - not just our regulars - was considerable and impressive. I highly recommend him.”

Rabbi Rafi Rosenberg
Chabad of Skylake, FL


"I have to give an unqualified recommendation for Rabbi stolik as a great speaker and a guaranteed successful program. His talk on archaeology and Jerusalem brought people who have never come to events and they walked out very impressed. His command of the subject matter and his fluency in delivery had even the typical skeptics complementing the presentation. He is a pleasure to work with and I have a guaranteed crowd when I bring him back for another of his fascinating talks."
Rabbi Chuni Vogel
Chabad of Wilmington, DE


"Rabbi Stolik's topic, Jerusalem Uncovered, brought in a number of new people. The presentation was clear and authoritative and he covered all the angles of the debate. Rabbi Stolik comes across as extremely knowledgeable on the subject of Israeli archaeology and held the audience in rapt attention for over 75 minutes."
Rabbi Mendy Wineberg
Chabad of Kansas City, KS

"His clarity and audio visual made the often hard to imagine come to life! I highly recommend it!"
Rabbi Baruch Epstein
Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois



"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your informative and important presentations both Friday and Saturday nights. I thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and understanding of the Temple sites; you shared all your information in a way that was accessible to the layperson. It was like the slow revelation of a mystery, and the answers to the mystery were very exciting and satisfying."
Miriam Weidenfeld
Rochester, NY


"Thanks so much for your incredible talk at the JCC in Rochester. I must reconsider some of my assumptions about our history and Torah."

Harry Pearle
Rochester, NY


"I was at your Young Israel presentation on Tisha B'Av. I really had somewhere else I was going to go after your presentation but I was so entranced and fascinated that I could not peel myself away from your presentation. It was excellent!"

Eva Lichter 
North Miami Beach, FL


"Your talk was outstanding and of great interest to me..."

Leonard Wien
President, American Jewish Committee, Miami/Broward Chapter


"I have been talking about Rabbi Stolik's presentation non-stop since I got back but I am afraid I do not do it justice. I feel the content is so important that I want to recall it properly. Maybe he will speak at our shul someday."

James Simon
Wayne, PA


“Avrohom Stolik gave a tour de force presentation in a persistently focused and informed manner. He was patient, enthusiastic and open to all who asked questions. A treasure trove of latest finds."

Deborah Schwartz
West Palm Beach, FL


"I took your class last year before my first trip to Israel and I felt I had such a great background! This was fantastic - can't wait for your next class!"

Dr. Mindy Martin
Palm Beach, FL


"Makes me want to travel to see and touch these sites. Well organized, interesting material and lecture. The lecturers' love of the subject shines throughout."


 “Very informative and well-researched. I appreciated all the illustrations, which helped bring the concepts to life. I look forward to more of these talks. Thank you!”

Daphne Nikolopoulos
West Palm Beach, Editor in Chief of Palm Beach Illustrated and Editorial Director of Palm Beach Media Group


“Informative & inspirational - a priming of the pump for my upcoming trip to Israel with my son.”

Michael Simon
Nashville, TN


“As one who does research in the field of Biblical archeology, I found this program to be highly educational and spirituality stimulating, as the presentation made Jerusalem come alive in Nashville. I look forward to Rabbi Stolik's return for a future presentation.”

Josh McMahon
Nashville, TN


“I enjoyed it and would attend any similar future lecture. The portion on the site of the palace was excellent - good visuals and explanation of the story of the archaeologist. Please set up more lectures... as people learn about the Holy Land, they will be more concerned about protecting it from our enemies.”

Michael B.
Miami, FL


“The presentation I attended was great.  I liked that you put it into the broader context of the conflicting schools of Biblical archaeology.”

George L.
Miami, FL


“I enjoyed the presentation and would like to revisit the sites that your presentation and lecture described.”

Michael C.
Coral Gables, FL


“The presentation was most interesting. Although we had covered some of this material in a biblical archeology course, your material was more current showing some of the items found recently.“

Joe & Rose F.
Miami, FL


“Spellbinding, organized, researched with thoroughness.”

Esther Abrams
Boca Raton, FL

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